Discovering your product-market fit and getting funded are probably on top of your to-do list. We offer individualized strategy consulting packages.

We are accredited coaches in the KFW Gründercoaching program and the BAFA Unternehmensberatung program.

Strategy Validation

You are at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial adventure and would like to get professional feedback if your startup is going into the right direction? Let’s have a strategic look and discuss if your idea can become profitable and what you need to execute on it.


Challenging of business idea
Canvas Business Model (or similar)

Business Strategy

At BSC, we strongly believe that Execution is King. Ideas can be as beautiful as they come; but product, process and execution define the lifeline of a business. This planning exercise will benefit you personally as well as prepare your documents for banks, investors and other capital sources.


Cost & investment structure details
Monetization strategy & revenue stream details
Strategy and startup roadmap

Financial Planning

A financial plan written for a bank looks completely different than one written for a Venture Capitalist. Let us create your personal Excel template and define the business logic behind your key assumptions. The magic of a financial plan lies not only in the tax structure, EBIT and ROI details, it lies in the logic and its depth. Let’s crunch some numbers.


Key metrics / KPIs
Investment roadmap
Financial plan

Business Planning

Business Plans are living plans & documents constantly changing in the lifecycle of your startup. At least if you do it right! Depending on your next milestone, you might need a version that is presented, e.g. to potential capital sources. Let’s streamline all current knowledge and present your business the best possible way.


Financial plan
Business plan
Executive summary

Funding Strategy

Getting funded can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. At BSC we advise founders to know exactly how much they raise, where they raise it from and what their individual approach is. What is your best source – business angel, bank loans, grants, crowd-funding, crowd-investing, venture capital? What is your individual MVP, what does traction mean for your startup?


Cost structure & investment plan
Fundraising plan

Investor Readiness

Seed investors challenge every tiny bit of your business. Getting your startup grilled can be an eye-opening experience, but you don’t need answers and solutions to all problems. Timing, metrics, team and your roadmap are key to get funded. We’ll challenge on you on your model, numbers and pitch in a a way an investor would.


Check: Financial plan, executive summary, pitch deck
Challenging of investment proposal
Fake VC: Heavy challenging of investor pitch

When you are under high pressure, an independent sparring partner can be a huge asset. Together we achieve momentum, focus on your milestones and think outside the box.

Founder Coaching

Professional mentoring can be invaluable for founders. Together we achieve momentum, focus on your milestones and think outside the box. Founder coaching can either function as a methodological approach to developing our business strategy or it can be exercised in the “interim-co-founder” format.


Periodical meetings
On demand support

Executive Sparring

Experienced startup founders, executives and middle-management often find themselves deep in daily business and at the same time strategically complex situations, both with external stakeholders, such as VCs, as well as with internal stakeholders. Getting an outside view, a second opinion, from an experienced but independent professional can help you stay on top of your game.


Periodical meetings
On demand support