Our highlights for startups based in Berlin.

Pro FIT Early Stage Financing

Do you have a young technology startup? Do you want to realize an innovative endeavor but need some financial maneuvering room in your preparation phase and for the shaping of your company?

Pro FIT early stage financing aims to support newly established technology startups in their set-up and preparation phase. The SME has to be based in Berlin. The program covers general expenditures for personnel, asset investments, operating expenses, etc. – as a preparation for the subsequent or parallel innovation project.

With an equal combination of a grant and loan (200k EUR) in preparation phase I and a loan (300k EUR) in phase II, successful applicants can obtain a maximum of 500 k EUR in funding.

Pro FIT Project Financing

Do you want to leverage your seed funding for your R&D driven startup with up to 1.4 million EUR?

With Pro FIT, the IBB is funding technology-oriented projects during all phases of the innovation process, from research to market introduction. A SME based in Berlin has to be involved in the project. The program covers general expenditures on salaries, investments and operating expenses.

With a combination of a grant (up to 400k EUR) and a loan, successful applicants can obtain a maximum of 1.4 million EUR in funding.


Do you plan a sizable investment and want to grow your team?

The GRW Program by the IBB offers grants for investment projects that create or secure permanent jobs in Berlin. The program aims to support local businesses in the commercial sector: startups as well as established companies that either belong to one of Berlin‘s innovative clusters or sell their products supra-regionally. Small enterprises get the best funding rate – up to 30%, medium enterprises – max. 20% and big companies – up to 10% of the investment volume.

Investments projects starting from 10k EUR can be the establishment of a new business or branch, the expansion of an existing business, reorganization of production processes or the diversification of the product portfolio.

Program Innovation Assistant

Are you hiring new personnel in your technology startup or for a technology-oriented position? Then have a look here:

The IBB facilitates access to new scientific insights for SMEs in Berlin. Nonrefundable grants are available for employment of qualified graduates who implement innovative projects in the company. Either the company itself or the funded project must be technology-driven.

It is possible to get funding for two innovative assistants per year, each up to 20k EUR or 50% of the salary.

Transfer Bonus

Do you work together with a university and want to get grants for a research contract?

With the Transfer Bonus the innovative capabilities of SMEs are fostered through better access to technology services. SMEs can get funded for the commissioning of external scientific institutions from Berlin and Brandenburg for their desired business innovation up to 15 TEUR and up to 45 TEUR for digitalization services.

Design Transfer Bonus

Do you need an innovative design for your product?

With the Design Transfer Bonus the innovative capabilities of SMEs are fostered through better access to design services. SMEs can get funded for the commissioning of external design service providers from Berlin and Brandenburg up to 15 TEUR.

Program for Internationalization

You have already launched your product in Germany and plan an international expansion?

“The program for internationalization: funding for SMEs” provides financial support for SMEs in Berlin to tap into new markets. With the non-repayable grants companies get covered up to 50% of the cost of their participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, showrooms and other international events as well as the cost of employing a foreign trade assistant.

IBB Subsidized Loans

The IBB offers a wide range of subsidized loans for companies in Berlin financing different kinds of projects: from setting up and consolidating a business through investment and innovation projects to internationalization activities. Depending on the loan-program companies can profit from interest subsidies, grace periods or additional guarantees that enable easier access to funding.


Do you want to implement a new research project in your company?

ZIM funds innovative research, development and technology projects. Eligible are SMEs from all sectors with single or cooperation projects and cooperation networks. SMEs, who are implementing projects in new technology fields or markets can apply for grants up to 55 % of the projects costs. Additionally innovation supporting and consultant services are being funded.

Innovative SME

Are you planning to undertake an ambitious research project and looking for the right financing solution?

The SME-innovative initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports SMEs in Germany that conduct cutting-edge research projects in the following fields: Biotechnology, Medical Technology, ICT, Materials Research, Photonics, Production Technology, Resource and Energy Efficiency, Research for Civil Security.

Alone or in cooperation with partners SMEs can apply for non-refundable grants that cover up to 50% of the project costs. The key selection criteria are excellence, innovation level and market chances of the projects.

KFW Subsidized Loans

Do you want to finance a company startup or succession? Are you searching for funding for your innovation or internationalization project?

The KfW offers customized financing solutions various projects. With subsidized loans by KfW German enterprises can profit from interest subsidies, grace periods or additional guarantees that enable easier access to long-term funding.

BAFA Business Consulting

Do you need a professional consultation concerning commercial, financial, HR and organizational matters in your company?

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) offers German enterprises grants for financing consultancy services. The size of the grant depends on the company’s age and region. Young companies that are on the market no longer than two years can get up to 3.2k EUR and from the third year on – up to 2.4k EUR.

KFW Equity Capital

Are you planning to raise the capital for your company and already negotiating with investors?

The ERP Start Fund program by KfW provides additional equity capital up to 5 million EUR for small young innovative companies in Germany, if they succeed to gain a lead investor who is ready to enter the deal.

INVEST – Business Angel Grant

Are you looking for Business Angels who would invest in your young innovative company?

Then apply for participation in the program INVEST by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). The BAFA aims to incentivize investors to provide equity capital to young innovative enterprises in Germany by reducing the risk of such investments.

When acquiring the shares of the companies listed for the participation in the program, Business Angels can receive up to 20% of their investment back in the form of a grant.

Horizon 2020

You have a groundbreaking idea that needs a strong boost to achieve high growth and global market success?

With its funding program Horizon 2020 the European Commission offers funding for SMEs running highly innovative R&D projects with European added value. Funding is available for all stages from exploring the technical feasibility to the commercial exploitation of the innovation.

Beneficiaries receive non-repayable grants up to 2.5 million EUR as well as a wide range of innovation support services.