Innovation Grants and Subsidized Loans can be a significant addition to your fundraising portfolio. Especially high-tech startups can leverage their seed-funding.

There are 3 different ways we can work together on your public fundraising:

Research & Strategy
Individualized research of grant landscape & development of public fundraising strategy Рon regional level (one or more Bundesländer), national level and European level.
Application Consulting
Support for the applications and proposals you write. Especially interesting for smaller programs or European programs: Innovation Assistant, Transfer Bonus, H2020, startup loans, equity programs and more.
Full Application Management
We will take the lead in the application process minimizing your work efforts. Especially interesting for large programs, such as: Pro FIT, GRW, ZIM, KMU Innovativ and more.

There are hundreds of programs throughout each Bundesland, Germany and Europe.

In the next weeks we'll be adding more regions. Please contact us for questions meanwhile.